Monday, February 28, 2005

people i meet along the way

I was on the train headed to Manhattan to see Jessica Lange in Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie (no it lacked emotional depth) and i sat next to a boy who i found out was 12 and his dad. The boy was reading a book on Duke Ellington. I asked him about it and thought he may be interested in listening to ellington. I found out that this young man listens to Charlie Parker, Miles Davis. he was aware of Thelonius Monk, and COltrane and one of his favorites Bob Dylan. we talked about music and how his tastes will change and how he raids his dad's collection for new music.

Then there was the French fashion designer who was over the USA. she was earning money to get back to France. She couldnt say enough negative things about how AMericans live. African by birth, French in culture living in NYC. She told me a story about her sister who bought a cartier watch on the street and took it to the Cartier store to have the battery replaced. they confisgated her watch.