Tuesday, March 29, 2005

the cemetary on ocean parkway

tonight, i crossed the parkway to get over to the cemetary, the same one that i visited on sunday... From the parkway, i saw large granite structure with the names.. Rosenberg, Robinson, Lipper, Adlerman, Levy .... all containing the remains of those family members

Tonight, i was again on the outside looking through the fence. I saw new graves where the dirt was freshly dug and flowers fresh. I saw the carved faces of the Russians who now occupied the space where the Jewish Immigrants of the 20s, 30s, and 40s were buried.. the Russians carve their dead on the stone from a picture.. Some of the pictures were older then the people and did not represent them at the time of death, so you get to look into the face of the dead person... it makes you wonder more about them when you can see them..

I saw graves covered with cloth, the jewish ritual of unvailing which occurs around the year anniversary of the death of the person.. I saw newly unveiled graves with fresh flowers..

I looked at the coop apartments where the residents have a cemetary view but Also a stunning Verrazano bridge view... i think i would like the cemetary view...

I walked around ave M and came on the cemetary from the McDonald ave side and tried to read the stones that were posts that marked the cemetary boundaries but couldnt..

My facination with the cemetary started in winter... and now its not so dark when i walk.. so i see more that the cemetary has to offer... .just another thing the spring has to offer....