Saturday, March 26, 2005

terri schiavo

Let Terri Schiavo die in peace. I believe that this national attention is actually abusing her and defacing the name of someone who is dying. I understand her parents desparation but i cannot understand WHY congress or the President got involved in this personal matter.

I remember when this story was on 60 minutes years ago. . I think the mudsling and reporting of improperities on Michael Schiavo's part, is out of line. Both parties, her parents and her husband have their own personal investments in Terri's death..

why isnt anyone talking about the dangers of eating disorders?

I went to the grocery store on thursday night.. i walked to shop rite and on my way home... Holy Thursday... when i got to St Rose Lima the doors were open.... i have never been inside so i went inside

it looks like the italian roman catholic church on my childhood... so i went to view the stations of the cross and see the saints.... I wanted to light a candle...
I found St rose of Lima and lit a candle and prayed for hte death of Terri Schiavo