Thursday, March 10, 2005

Epstein Barr strikes and i respond

Blogging my diagnosis or symptoms got me thinking about the process that i am learning and living.. I was beat yesterday, pain behind my eyes... so tired i could fall sleep standing... getting up in the morning is a problem most days.
I got up and moving and i am fine but not quite feeling fine, i guess the caffeine kicks in ....

i went to adelphi and went to the dean's meeting and had a cup of coffee upon Marlene the admin asst's secretary ... it was good and i had about 4oz wondering if it would keep me awake
I got home and decided to do my wash and puttered around til it was done and ate a huge salad...
I was satisfied but still found a need to eat... First a fudge bar, then a few tsp of Sf FF pudding and the i was gonna make popcorn ... why i thought.. i am tired not hungry... what is the need so i had a baked ricotta treat i made instead and went to bed

... the desire... SUGAR...the need to sleep...i was tired and my body craved sugar

i am gonna have to pay attention to the food connection and the desires vs the need
mostly i need to sleep not eat.

i will be learning to give in to body's desire or to see what happens when i push me..
I have been tired all week... i am pushing myself to accomplish my job and the task required... well i could have skipped the deans meeting but the politics and PR for my job and me is worth it...
i have to teach to night so its a late night again... and then the end of the week is near...

i want to see how my body reacts and how i have to learn to readjust