Monday, March 21, 2005

monday and my limit


i never quite recovered from Friday night. I wonder if it was the two weeks of stress that preceeded it or what it the stress of getting to bed atr 3am. Saturday, i walked to park slope and the grocery store and put away my groceries and then my accountant came to do my taxes. I was tired when he left. I had to get up on sunday to let the repairman in to do my bathroom. That mild stress of having to get up at 8am and clear out the bathroom...
Sunday, i was gonna go to Manhattan but it was raining. I went to Park slope to go to B&N to get a gift. I walked in the rain and cold and got really tired. I wanted to nap so i came home, cold and wet and began to read midterms..

The midterms SUCK by the way... those students arent doing the assignment and arent doing their reading. They arent getting it....

back to my lying on the couch... i started to drift as Alton Brown was making tomato sauces and started to sleep... It was 645 and i couldnt quite fall asleep .

I started to feel like i caught the flu... I knew i wasnt feeling well..I suspected i would be home today. I am home today.

i should have went to bed. and I have to learn to go to bed when i am tired..
it was desparate housewife sunday and i stayed up....i couldnt read the paper, teh words were blurry and i didnt have the attention for the reading of fine print..
it another symptom....

i had dinner and ate popcorn and went to sleep... I fell asleep and havent quite woke up..

I wanted to control the noise level yesterday. which is a clue and i wanted to control the temperature... I want it colder..
I went to sleep and woke at 4am and then got up at 615 and fed the Madame... (who will not leave my side) i went back to sleep til 8 and want more sleep. The coffee isnt kicking in and i am just tired

for the first time, i started to think that I just want to feel good. .feel rested.. have energy and have the capacity to do what i want... My body isnt letting me today.. which knows better....

so i will take it easy today and read those midterms again and sleep if i want to and read the paper.. if i can