Monday, March 21, 2005

thank you letter to friends

I wanted to write and thank you all for your support and suggestions and offers for your couches and guest rooms and remedies and suggestions. I am still exploring and figuring out what i need to do for myself. I am trying to pace my energy and rest when i need to. I am figuring out the limits but the tricky thing is that they change based on what i am doing, physical vs emotional energy, what foods i am eating or not eating, how much exercise and how much sleep i am getting or needing..

i really have to focus on myself and my needs and after 25 years of being a social worker, its a relief. I have been moving in that direction in the last 5. From my leaving foster care where the agency expected all of your blood sweat and tears to this one where they expect a solid 9-5. I have been free to give to myself what i need and learn that i dont have to take care of others, they are most capable to care for them selves.. Interdependant vs codependant type stuff... and now i can focus on myself..

i can live in teh moment and make the best of the moments when i feel well and those when i dont.

Yoga, meditation, slowing the system down makes sense. I am gonna look into carving in more time for those activities. I retained my weight management programs and eating healthy without white flours and reducing sugar.

i have to get to my GP and meet with her and figure out the right cocktail of vitamins. Some friends recommended a doctor of eastern medicine in chinatown or alternatives to western medicine.

they all sound interesting... til then i rest when i need and keep learning more and more about what i need...

thanks for all your suggestions and support and positive energy.. i can use all the help i can

best and love to you all