Sunday, March 27, 2005


i remember when easter meant that the stores were closed, the restaurants were closed and there was nothing to do.. Today didnt feel like easter.. it felt like a sunday...

I didnt sleep well.. my apartment is very hot and my cat is very active and i drank a ton of water yesterday...So i was tired when i got up ... My new Italian Espresso coffee did the trick and woke me up .... i went out for the papers and come home to work out and decided that i really didnt want to waste money on Melinda/Melinda or on RObots so i would walk and come home and putter...

I started my ave M walk and realized it was early enough to go into the cemetary that i wwalk by everynight.. I entered the cemetary and walked the aisles.. I saw new russian graves.. and old Jewish graves. The first stones i saw belonged to Rosenbergs... I thought this is the type of cemetary that Julius and Ethel would have been buried in..

hte oldest grave i saw was from the cant read the stones anymore.. I saw Goldbergs and Weiners and Schwartz and Stein .. I saw the markers that read that the person was born in germany and died in 1933....before the Holocaust.. here in america already..

I saw new russian graves in two languages.. the russian replaces the yiddish ... i saw graves of a 5 year, a 33 year old, a 46 year old.. I wondered how they died..
I picked up a bench that had fallen over.. I left stones at markers i visited..
I visited strangers today but they were familiar to me.. They were my people, they were my grandparents and their neighbors and shul members..

i thought about their family now moved away from Brooklyn so no one visits them now.. the families in NJ and LI and in Florida

I walked and walked and then exited and walked to the fruit store and walked home..