Thursday, March 31, 2005

finding the news that is fit to print

My nonfiction friend Suzi (who is beginning to influence my Blog)-(okay, you were right I forgot Wisconsin) reads Salon faithfully.. she is a bit of a Nonfiction addict.
She reads the New Yorker- I subscribe and rarely get to it. I get New York, New Yorker, TIme out NY, weight watchers Magazine, Professional Social Work journals and the New Yokr TImes. I read the nation and Newsweek or Time or Sports Illustrated and Oprah at work.

I read the New York Post and Daily News when i can get it for free but buy it on Sundady and somedays I read My collegues Newsday. i pick up the Village Voice for its horoscope and arts sections

I subscribe to a number of online informational digests or synopsis and Hotsheet and bugmenot gives me instant access to any newspaper anywhere.

I read Mark Morford from the San Francisco Gate and always check the celtics on the Boston Globe pages. Id even read the Milford Daily News if it was on line.

I keep my eyes on the archives at randi rhodes's website

i am also stuck on reading the opinion columns at

i listen to NPR, WFUV, XPN when i am in their area. Air America and WFMU

i watch CNN, the today show, Food Network, Strange Love, Surreal life, nanny 911 ( recent acqusition) Pimp my ride, viva la Bam, desparate housewives, the apprentice ( when i am not in school on thursdays) and Letterman. I love watching Ellen when i can and Oprah is still a G-dess.. i watch Bravo on sundays at 8 for Lipton...

i wish i had a tivo but i dont... i dont have time for movies except when i go there and sit under the big screen....

i get my news from the weather report on the weather channel, i guess....