Monday, March 14, 2005

sunday and taking care of me

As i am still figuring out this EBV impact and i have been thinking about how and when to tell people and who. i came across little life events that would normally have me in a temporary tailspin-
I ordered a computer and had to sent to my home. i had difficulty getting someone to take this for me. UPS delivery has been hard but not a nightmare. They put the computer in my neighbors name and i have had to get them on phone to make sure that in fact that it was my computer to be delivered. I tried to get my neighbor to accept the computer for me. It been a series of snags. I found out friday that the delivery did not happen. I had a choice. To pick it up or wait til monday to have to rerouted. picking it up would be more expeditious but having it rerouted would mean waiting all weekend to call dell. i decided that i would make my life easier and have the computer rerouted but i would leave the slip. I thought maybe my neighbor who was also waiting for a computer would take mine. So i put it out of my mind and decided i cant change it til monday.

Then i reserved sunday night to see my accountant, he came down about 530 to tell me he had to take his kid to the psychiatrist so he could not get to me til after 9pm. i initially accepted his offer because doing my taxes is more important...Whoa.. i went back to see him and renegotiated for him to come on saturday night as he couldnt reschedule for next sunday. (this week would have been best- no desperate housewives)
but after Dar on friday in PA, i am free saturday. I knew we would not start my taxes til almost 930 and 3 hours would get us to midnight and 6 hours of sleep would not be enough. i was relieved at establishing a routine that met my needs .

I went to bed at 10 after grocery shopping and decided to get up at my regular time even though i dont have to be in manhattan til 10 and call dell and then i decided with time on my hands, to do my wash.

at first i thought it was taking a page from my friend susan who learned long ago you cant do everything so what has to be suspended but i am learning that i dont have to get it all in when i plan it. I may have to postpone things, not forget them or neglect them but postpone them . i have to remember what really matters and what is really important. I have to remember that my needs are primary and the taxes will get done, the computer will come in time, and the rest can wait til i get to it..